Interaction-shaping Robotics: Robots That Influence Interactions between Other Agents
February 12, 2024

Our paper discussing coining the term Interaction-Shaping Robotics as a subfiled of HRI that studies how robots influence the interactions...

How Did We Miss This? A Case Study on Unintended Biases in Robot Social Behavior
March 07, 2023

Our paper discussing unintended gender biases in social robot behavior was accepted to the alt.HRI track at HRI 2023.

KTH and Uppsala Social Robotics Groups Building Three Blossom robots
February 10, 2023

In a joined building day, we build three Blossom robots. Check our github to find European distributors and...

Book chaper on multiparty interactions
November 04, 2022

The book chapter on Multiparty Interaction Between Humans and Socially Interactive Agents is now available in the ACM digital library...

First in-person conference - Presentation at Ro-Man
September 05, 2022

To present our paper on Ice-Breakers, Turn-Takers and Fun-Makers: Exploring Robots for Groups with Teenagers, I attended Ro-Man 2022. It...

Learning Gaze Behaviors for Balancing Participation in Group Human-Robot Interactions
January 20, 2022

Our paper on learning gaze behaviors for balancing participation in groups was accepted as a full paper to HRI ‘22.

Research visit at the Interactive Machines Group led by Marynel Vázquez
October 25, 2021

I will be visiting Marynel Vázquez and the Interactive Machines Group at Yale University until the end of...

Invited speaker at first FurhatCon
June 08, 2021

I was invited to talk with my colleague Ronald Cumbal about our research at the first ever FurhatCon.

Best Paper Award at HRI '21
March 12, 2021

Our paper “Robot Gaze Can Mediate Participation Imbalance in Groups with Different Skill Levels” received the Best User Studies Paper...

Autonomous Robot Behaviors for Shaping Group Dynamics
January 18, 2021

Our proposal for future work was accepted to HRI Pioneers '21.

Exploring Non-Verbal Gaze Behavior in Groups Mediated by an Adaptive Robot
January 18, 2021

Our work on exploring the non-verbal behavior reactions to non-verbal behaviors of the robot was accepted as an LBR to...

Robot Gaze Can Mediate Participation Imbalance in Groups with Different Skill Levels
January 05, 2021

Our paper on group-dynamics-aware robot gaze was accepted as a full paper to HRI ‘21.